Our Team & Our Commitment

Longwood Urological Associates provides a wide range of urological  services and programs, serving people of all ages. Whether you are recovering from a wide range of urological conditions requiring evaluation and sometimes surgery, our team have the experience and knowledge to help get you back to being yourself.

What is Urology?

Urology is a medical and surgical specialty dealing with the well-being and health problems related to the urinary system of men, women and children, as well as the male sex organs and glands associated with the genitourinary system. This comprises a rather well-defined area of the human body, although there is some overlap between different medical specialties.

Problems Treated 

Disorders of the urinary bladder, like stones, infections and tumors . Incontinence in both women and men. Disorders of the urethra and prostate, like obstructions, cancer and infections. Disorders of the penis, like impotence, tumors and STD's. Disorders of the testicle and connected structures, like infections, cysts and cancer, but also sterilization. Male infertility also belongs to the domain of the urologist.

Procedures Preformed

Prostate Biopsy,  Vasectomy, Vasectomy Reversal, Cystoscopy, Circumcision, Hydrocelectomy, Varicocelectomy, Uretereoscopy Laser Lithotripsy, ESWL, TURBT, TURP (Bipolar and Laser), Pubovaginal Sling, Artificial Urinary Spincter,  Penile Prosthesis, Radical Prostatectoy (Robotic and Open), Radical Orchiectomy,  Radical/Partial Nephrectomy (Laparoscopic and Open), Radical Cystectomy with Urinary Diversion.